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From farm to streets

The Lucky Fig is a ‘farm to streets’ food truck serving Modern Italian creations by Luca Manfè.

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A letter to our guests, supporters, fans and friends,

December 31, 2016 will be the last day of service of The Lucky Fig.

As any other business in its first year we faced a few a challenges, some that we created on our own and some that we could not predict or avoid. The vintage truck we bought took a much larger investment to restore than we were originally quoted and in the first 6 months, it broke down 7 times causing sales loss while food and labor costs still had to be paid. 
The long weeks of heavy rains in May did not help the cause either. 

We also realized that trying to serve gourmet food from a food truck was not a brilliant idea as we have seen over and over again our competition serve much simpler food, but always have a much longer queue than ours. We have loyal customers and five start reviews, but in the places we found to park, bar food sells much better than modern Italian. 

All of the above made the truck less profitable than we expected, but we were still optimistic as our caterings are always increasing, and our fan base is loyal and continues to grow. However, the company has five owners, and four of the five would like to move on to investments with less risk and faster profits. We have been asked to buy them out at a price the entire truck will not sell for, which we are not prepared or willing to do. So at this point we think it is in the best interest of all members of the company to liquidate and move our separate ways.

I want to thank all the bars, clubs, venues, farmer’s markets, apartment complexes and office buildings that hosted us. 
Thank you Electrolux and Bauli for your sponsorships and believing in me. 
Thank you to all the local wonderful passionate farmers that I have met and tried to support from the get-go, introducing their produce, meat and ingredients in my menus. I learned a lot from each of you and I am grateful. 
I want to thank everyone that was part of my team in this journey. 
And lastly, but most important I want to thank all of you who supported us during the last 12 months: in one year we served more than 7000 people, catered 26 events, 5 of which were weddings. We enjoyed serving you and hearing your feedback. 

The truck will be closed, but the catering service will still be running as well as ‘Dinner with Luca’. 
My next project is still to be decided, but I am surely going to enjoy some time at home with my wife and kids planning it. 

I wish that all your dreams come true in 2017! 

Sincerely with love, 

Luca Manfè

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